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June 27, 2018 2 min read

Jewels for your Floors

     Let’s take a step away from the current design trends, and into a style that is unique to its own.  Want to feel like royalty as soon as you walk into your space? Then add these “jewels” to make your room fabulous.


     When I think of a space to customize to my wants and needs my mind automatically shoots to a bedroom.  What better place to make yourself feel like a queen than a room that is your very own. Adding a great rug would create a glamorous jewel for your floor.  Such as a shag rug that has lurex (metallic threads), cow hides that have metallic accents, or maybe instead a rug that literally shines incorporate garland/ jewelry designs instead to give the statement without the physical glam.


     Now what is the main piece of furniture in a bedroom… a bed right!  Choosing the correct bed for your space is important. The bed is a dramatic focal point of a bedroom and can set the mood as soon as you walk in.  Imagine walking in and being met by this gorgeous tufted bed… breathtaking right? Incorporate mirror nightstands with decorative lamps that have a sophisticated sparkle.  If you have extra room you can put an upholstered chair with metallic nail heads for additional seating and to add to the aesthetic of the space.


     Overall using cool rich colors and incorporating pops of brilliant jewel tones with flamboyant designs will create an exclusive style just your own.  Whether you use a few accent pieces or go for an entire jewel-tone décor theme it is completely up to you, and how extravagant you want your space to be.  Think outside of the current design trends, be glamorous and have a great time with your “jeweled” room.

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