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July 26, 2018 2 min read


Dining Room Table at Rug & Home

Palettes by Winesburg, an Ohio company, holds a special place in my heart. Growing up in Northeastern Ohio my family spent many Sunday afternoons driving through the beautiful Amish country in Central and Eastern Ohio. I have sweet memories of an ice cream cone on a hot summer day with our car parked next to a horse drawn buggy at a custard stand.The smell, the smoothness of the finish and the over top quality reminds me of home. Although I am loving life in the Carolinas I always love when the truck comes in bring the smell of fresh wood and home.

Custom Furniture Choosing Stains Pallets by Winesburg Dining Room Table

All my personal sentiments aside the true reason I love selling Palettes by Winesburg is because it is the best in quality, excellence, and variety. Palettes by Winesburg allows the customer to start from scratch creating each piece of furniture. Pick the wood species, then the stain, the shape, the size and every detail all the way down to the edge you want on your table. They offer dining room furniture and bedroom furniture as well as side or accent pieces for any room. The standard of excellence has given me confidence that I can share with my customers. Furniture made by Palettes by Winesburg are heirloom pieces and will stand the test of time and family.

Here is a little about the company.

Pallets by Winesburg Furniture Making

Palettes by Winesburg is a third generation of lumber specialists who hand-select the best of the cherry, oak, maple, walnut or hickory trees to bring you their quality products. The Palettes family selects and harvests the timber, shapes it in their own sawmill, and then carefully checks it in family owned dry kilns. They know the building of solid wood furniture from its roots. Winesburg Lumber had its origins as a two-man logging operation more than three generations ago. As the younger generation became a part of this growing organization they felt that diversification was a path for future success and growth, and so they began building doors and contract grade chairs. This has evolved into one of the most complete custom dining lines in the country.  Best of all it is 100% MADE IN AMERICA!

Palletes by Winesburg Bed Set

Palettes by Winesburg, creating one memory at a time. Visit one of our Rug & Home showrooms in Asheville, NC; Gaffney, SC; and Kannapolis, NC to shop for your custom piece of Palettes by Winesburg furniture today.

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