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October 04, 2018 2 min read

If you have just bought a new home or have resolved to simplify your life and take real pride in your home with a cohesive and complete style all your own. The home is the refuge of life, after all.  If you feel like you want to revamp a room but don’t know where to start – hear us out.

It is all too often we hear from customers, Where do I start? What do I pick first? Designing a room is infinitely easier if you start from the ground up – the rug that is.  Now, this is not just us tooting our own horn because we are the ultimate rug destination. This is something we hear from Designers all the time.  They recognize the selection of rugs, encourage their client to pick something that makes their heart sing and build from there. It is the most natural progression and since many people see rugs as art, you are not overly limiting yourself because you have already picked for example: an accent chair. Many rugs last a lifetime, so make sure you’re picking something that you can grow with and makes you happy.

So the rug is the foundation of the room and we build off of it:


+ Add Window Treatments

+ Add Sofa

+ Add Coffee Table

+ Add accent chairs

+ Art, Lighting and Accessories



Art Collection

And here is what we end up with!


Couldn't be more natural and easy!

A few side notes/tips: if you already own something that you would like to work as inspiration, by all means, use it. We love when customers bring in something special that they want to work with. I promise, we will find the perfect complement to your special piece. Just don’t go and pick upholstery, window treatments and throw pillows as you will be left feeling like you were locked into something that you didn’t need to be.

Once you have done some real rug shopping, I love getting the selection down to 3 rugs and then taking them to see them in the actual space. It is incredible the influence that light has on a rug. View the rug in the morning, midday and evening. Do you like it all time? Does it wash out too much? Is it too dominating? Sometimes a rug just feels funny because you are not use to it being there; give it time.

As you can see, once you have picked your rug it’s a breeze to pick the other puzzle pieces.  Have fun with this experience and make sure you pick thoughtfully and with an open mind. It’s fun to see where you come from and where you end up. Enjoy the ride!




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