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5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Fill a Christmas Stocking

December 15, 2015 2 min read

The tree is up, the gifts are wrapped and just when you think you’re all ready for the holiday season you remembered one thing, stocking stuffers. We all know Christmas is such a fun time of year, but expensive as well. As you continue to cross names off your list, somehow more names get added by the end of the day. Don’t make stocking stuffer shopping a stressful one this year. It’s probably the easiest part of gift purchasing. If you create a list, set a budget and preselect items before running around, everything will work out just fine.  However, if you don’t have a clue on where to start, we’re here to help with five budget-friendly ways to fill a stocking as you prepare for the holiday.

Win over their hearts with food.

Did you get a carton of oranges from your little sister’s band fundraiser? It’s time to put those fruits to good use. Grab one for each person on your list and place it in the stocking. If your siblings enjoy fruit snacks or maybe they have a favorite candy, add that in as well.

Let them shop ‘til they drop by gifting a gift card.

This is for all those that are running out of time and have no time for shopping. Gift cards are always a great idea. You can let your family, friends, or significant other find the item just right for themselves. Is your mom redecorating the dining room? Well today might just be your lucky day – here at Rug & Home we offer gift certificates that you can purchase for her stocking!

For the person who writes down EVERYTHING, paper goods are great.

We all need to write things down every now and then. Help your family out by stuffing their stockings with small notebooks, thank you cards, a business car holder, or any type of paper good. Journals are also a great way to kick off an amazing year – stuff one in your entrepreneur friend’s stocking and she’ll love you forever.

Always remember their hobbies.

Don’t forget about the things guys and girls just love! Nail polish, pens, travel size shampoo and conditioner, a sewing kit, fun designed socks, and undergarments are just a few items that will fill up your stocking quickly and show your family and friends that you pay close attention to what they like.

Gag gifts for holiday laughs.

Make sure you don’t get stressed out while holiday shopping and enjoy the moment. Give your friends and family a laugh by purchasing gag gifts. Create a lump of coal from candy or sweets and place it in everyone’s stocking, we’re sure you’ll get tons of laughs out of them.

We hope these 5 budget-friendly ways help you as you search for the perfect way to fill your family’s Christmas stocking. Remember to stay on task by creating a list first then head out and shop ‘til you drop. We hope your holiday season is filled with tons of joy and holiday cheer.

Happy Holidays!

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