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September 07, 2016 2 min read


When it comes to making your bedroom a perfect place for lounging and snuggling, Rug & Home has a few tips to make it happen.



  • Texture



Texture is key when creating your very own comfy bedroom oasis! We tend to gravitate towards more texturized pieces of décor, such as shag area rugs, to make a room feel complete. Shags are an easy way to pump up the texture in any space as they look to be interesting to touch, especially with your toes. Another great way to increase the comfortability in your bedroom is to try layering your rugs with different shapes or patterns to create an extra-comfy look.


  • Lighting


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A strong dose of muted lighting is also an important element when designing your comfy bedroom. Wall sconces are not only a gorgeous way to frame your bed, but they also enhance the contemporary yet romantic feel. Using sconces will allow you to utilize your nightstand instead of it being a resting place for a bulky table lamp.



  • Neutrality


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Decorating with neutrals is not dull or drab, but rather sleek and uncluttered. When you elect to take more of the neutral color palette for your bedroom, you are creating more of an air-filled bedroom that is widened and lengthened thanks to your choice. The organic simplicity of neutrality works well to enhance the natural sunlight to make the space feel softer while still feeling warm!


  • Embrace Minimalism


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One of the most important elements when decorating your cozy bedroom is to embrace minimalism.  To create calming ambiances free it of clutter, not just the floors but the walls too! Apply a ‘less is more’ approach to decorating and you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable your bedroom is!



  • Choose the right accessories
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To make your bedroom feel complete, add your accessories! Try using warm wooden accents or a vase of freshly picked blooms to infuse a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom. Or try adding a personal touch to your accessories, as they will work to add your own unique personality coupled with a lived-in vibe, which is sure to make your bedroom the coziest place to be.



Have another suggestion to create a relaxing and restful bedroom? Comment below!

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