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Mother’s Day Activities She Will Love

May 07, 2015 2 min read

Looking for fun and unique ways to celebrate Mom on her special day? We’ve got some ideas that will make this Mother’s Day one she won’t forget!

Serve Breakfast in Bed

Before she gets out of bed, serve Mom her favorite breakfast. Is it waffles? Eggs? French toast? Whatever she desires, make her feel special.

Plan the Day Together

Quality time can sometimes be the best gift of all. Plan a day full of activates that make her feel loved.  Grab the whole family and head to Mom’s favorite spot(s) in town.

Family Game Night

Share a night of playing games and creating new memories. This also makes for a simple group activity for those who enjoy a night in instead of a day out.

Learn Family Traditions

Does your mom love to cook, sew or simply love sharing tricks she learned growing up? Spend the day learning those tips and tricks she’s has always wanted to teach the family.

Movie Marathon

Pop popcorn, snuggle on the coach and watch Mom’s favorite movies. This is especially fun for the movie lovers out there.

Build a Scrapbook

Relive your favorite memories with Mom by building a scrapbook. While you put the book together you’ll create new lifelong memories.

Plant Some Flowers

If Mom enjoys the outdoors, make a new tradition by planting flowers outside. Plant Mom’s favorite flowers, watch them grow and serve as a reminder of how your family celebrated Mother’s Day.

Craft Activities

Let Mom enjoy a day with the little ones by creating crafts together. Have fun and be creative. The possibilities are endless.

Take a Cooking Class

If she loves to cook (and feed), take her to a cooking class where she can learn new recipes to add to her collection. Mom will enjoy it even more when the whole family comes along.

Weekend Getaway

If you really want to go all out for Mom, plan a weekend away somewhere special.  Taking Mom to her favorite destination and away from the craziness of life is a great way to make new memories and relax.

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