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10 Budget-Friendly Redecorating Tips

April 30, 2015 2 min read

If you have been in the same place for years, redecorating can do wonders for your psyche and your soul. It’s not just about the change; it’s about making the place more your own. What follows, then, are some simple tips and tricks for making a house into your home. Highlighted in a past blog, we wanted to remind you of these useful budget-friendly redecorating tips.


Take it one at a time - Don’t feel like you have to remodel or redecorate the entire house to make it your own. If time or money is tight, concentrate on one room at a time.


Change the color scheme - Color has power. Select one color to be the focus in each room and then use highlights and accents in a similar hue to add contrast. Too much color can be distracting.


Eliminate clutter - You may be surprised how much a cleaner space can clear up your attitude. It literally lightens your mental load. While you’re at it, create pathways so you don’t have to worry when moving from room to room.


Adjust the light - Good lighting doesn’t mean bright lighting. Balance light and dark to focus light where it needs to be. New light fixtures, new lamps or lampshades, and even well placed mirrors can add light just to those parts of a room that need it.


Add balance - Balancing the light is a good step, but balancing the color also important. If you’ve painted your walls a darker color, for example, use touches of white to brighten the room. Lampshades, artwork (or frames), and throw pillows can add just the right touch.


Don’t destroy; embellish - Instead of knocking out the old kitchen cabinets, install new doors and drawer facings. New hardware can really refresh an old kitchen. If you can, go for a new countertop. Add an island if space allows. You can do a lot with a little.


Windows get the treatment - Changing the curtains and drapes lifts the whole room. If there’s not enough light, consider translucent curtains to let in more sunshine. If there’s too much light, try darker drapes or blinds.


Can’t afford new furniture - Repaint or re-stain your existing furniture. Add one new piece, like a coffee table or end tables. Little changes can make a big difference.

Use color creatively - Paint the bookcase or media center the same color as the wall behind it — it will blend in and seem to disappear. Paint your closets, pantry, or garage a brighter color. These spaces will delight you every time you enter.


For a significant change… It’s the flooring. Add a new rug. Paint the floor. Go from linoleum to tile. Go from tile to wood. Change the flooring in a central room, and it can affect your whole house.


Finally, our best tip of all. What’s your fantasy? The beach? The mountains? Adjust the décor of your rooms to evoke that place. It can be in the artwork, in the furniture, in the accents… whatever it takes, do it, so you’ll feel like you’re living in paradise.

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