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The Psychology of Color

April 14, 2014 1 min read

If you're completely clueless on what hue you'd like to put in your new home, I'd like to introduce a concept to you: the Psychology of Color. If you have a blank slate, you may be overwhelmed by the task of choosing from a whole rainbow of color. The Psychology of Color will help you choose shades considering the environment you are putting the color in. If you are painting a playroom, you may want colors that are energetic and youthful (Vibrant Orange or Bright Blue). In a bedroom you may want something relaxing (Neutral Grey or Light Green) or sensual (Bright Red). 

Use this fabulous color chart to get some inspiration for the feelings or vibe(s) you want your space to invoke. You've entered a whole new world of decorating mentality when you start to consider the psychology behind your color choices!

Any go-to hues out there? We'd love to know your favorite shade!


By: Samantha Palacio

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