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Vintage Modern Inspiration

February 24, 2014 3 min read

I embarked on this journey to vintage modern inspiration with much reading and much inspiration from various mediums such as Apartment Therapy, and even our beloved Pinterest. If you do a search for 'vintage modern' your results will display a wide range of understandings. From Hannah and Dave's vintage apartment [left], to the very new styling's of Schnadig flair back sofas and our beloved tufted backs. There are many ways to define this trend. A lot of homes nowadays have a mixture of vintage or older style furnishings, mixed with a few more modern trends. In other words, beloved well-worn pieces with a few newbies mixed in here and there. There is nothing wrong with this. This is what I would consider the average man's reality. If you fall into the bracket of fortunate folks who can build from the ground up and then still afford to furnish the whole house - lucky you! But for those of you who may be in the market for just the sofa, and not the entire living room group, we're here to inspire you too! Vintage modern is not a style that requires an entire room makeover, it encompasses a way of life. Are you feeling at home yet? In the furniture world, we are seeing classic frames introduced in chic fabrics and custom color combinations to make a classic style jive within in a modern home. Have you braved the maze that is Ikea? I honestly look forward to the first of the year because I can get my hands on all the lovely catalog inspiration, eliminating my need to feel overwhelmed by so much stuff in their showroom. Ikea is notorious for its simplistic design and its sleek lines can often fit into this category. I have to commend Design Sponge whose use of Ikea products helped to create this simplistic version of vintage modern decor. A very attainable look and inexpensive upgrade if you are trying to decide how to dress up that hand-me-down kitchen table.

Sleek consoles like this one pictured in Mememolly and Mike's apartment, are characteristic of how we are seeing modern furniture paired with classic (i.e. their tufted chair) furniture. Pastel Furniture carries sleek, modern consoles identical to this one and furniture manufacturers such as Lexington, Bernhardt, Century Furniture, and Hooker are all well versed in tufted. A tribal print or well-worn traditional rug would be envisioned in a space like this.

I'm a visual learner so to give you another perspective on vintage modern decor, I've created a sophisticated take on the style using our Annie Sofa, Pastel TV stand, and Nomad rug by Kaleen. A Bernhardt industrial chic side table gives you a place to prop a drink and some fun mixed media art by Uttermost adds 'texture' and interest as a backdrop. Surya pillows in a complimentary pattern add comfort and fur has been very popular recently. Mixing different textures is a must for some depth. Vintage modern can match, or it cannot. It's not imperative either way, and that makes it one of my most favorite styles of decorating. 

If you're still looking for your niche, I'm not done yet. We've got upcoming trends in geometrics, tips for remodeling, and new product introductions that will make you drool so keep coming back for more home decor eye-candy.

Written By: Samantha Palacio

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