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Feng Shui for your Floors

January 03, 2014 2 min read

To fill our world with happiness and fulfillment, we strive to get ahead, find love, laugh and stay healthy. Part of that satisfaction comes from making our homes comfortable. It’s true: the colors and patterns in your home can affect your world. You can create an environment to help you be happy and fulfilled in your home by incorporating a little feng shui into your decorating plan.

Feng shui (pronounced fung schway) is the ancient Chinese technique of arranging your surroundings to bring you into harmony with the natural order of things. Feng shui operates on design principles. By adding certain colors to a room or rearranging your furniture, you can bring prosperity, peace, fame, wisdom, creativity, and well-being into your life.

There are five basic elements in nature that compose the feng shui practice: fire, metal, water, wood, and earth. Each carries complementary shapes and colors to bring desired effects. Incorporate those colors and shapes accordingly, and you can immediately begin to feel the changes in your life. By following a few simple beliefs of the practice, you can create peace in places you currently find distress.

Adding a new rug, for example, can help you achieve your desired results. The contemporary rug collections from manufacturers like Kas and Oriental Weavers provide a wide range of color palettes to choose from.

Look for a rug that uses bright red, orange or purple in triangular shapes to tap into the elements of fire and bring more passion and emotion into your relationships. A white rug or one that incorporates metallic gray in circular patterns grabs the properties of metal to give you strength and stronger feelings of independence.

A black rug with curvy lines in blue is an ideal way to provide inspiration in your office. If you want to grow your business, consider a green or teal rug with square patterns on it. Use earth tones for stability and grounding. The rug that will most settle your senses and help you face reality is yellow or brown and also relies on square patterns. Many hand-knotted Orientals rely on browns and yellows and produce some of the most comforting styles in the feng shui tradition.

In addition to color and shapes, consider placement when you bring your new rug home. After a feng shui expert analyzes your space, the result is a bagua, or placement map, that explains each section of your space. For example, according to the general principles of a bagua, laying a rug in the center of your room adds to your well-being and balance.

A new rug as a centerpiece is ideal when you’re in need of healing or are preparing for a daunting athletic event, especially when you gravitate toward the warm yellow and brown earth tones. Attract new love into your life by placing a red rug in the room furthest from your front door on the right side of your house. Increase your cash flow by placing a resplendent purple rug in the opposite end of your house.

Enjoy added benefits when you decorate your home or office with an eye toward feng shui designs and techniques. A new rug might be all it takes to fill your world with happiness and fulfillment.

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