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The Best Rugs For Your Bathroom

February 13, 2013 2 min read

The Best Bathroom Rugs

No one likes to step out of the shower or bath onto a cold tile floor. Not only is tile uncomfortable and even dangerous (due to the tendency of slipping), but it also adds nothing to warm the room. The continual moisture that collects in your bathroom, however, can ruin certain types of rugs. Even appropriate rugs can be destroyed if you don’t care for them properly. There is good news, though — follow a few simple tips, and you won’t have to suffer from cold tile or cheap bathmats. Here, then, is all you need to know for choosing the best rugs for your bathroom.


First, consider the color of the rug you want. Since the bathroom floor catches your eye before even the cabinet or sink, a rug shouldn’t be an afterthought; it should play an integral role in your overall bathroom décor. If you have a white bathroom, for example, a white rug may blend right in, but our advice is to consider using the floor to provide a little contrast. Black-and-white rugs give a gleaming white bath an updated look, while a brightly colored rug adds a splash of interest to the space. If your bathroom is already full of color, pick one color from the room and choose a rug that’s one shade darker to anchor the space.


Regarding rug type, a hand-knotted wool rug is ideal for most bathrooms because it doesn’t contain any glue or synthetics that will eventually erode when exposed to extended moisture. If you’ve decorated your home along more traditional lines, go for a small, heavy Oriental to carry the theme. A dark Oriental wool rug makes a glamorous addition to a gilded bath with bronze and gold finishes. Other natural-fiber rugs — made of jute, hemp, or sisal — also make appealing choices for bathrooms since they too don’t contain any chemical compounds that can sully the clean ambiance of the room. While they don’t feel as soft as wool or cotton rugs, they do add a wonderful, natural accent to a spa-like bathroom space. Another choice is cotton and chenille rugs. They’re thin and durable — perfect for use in the bathroom. Best of all, they clean up easily; just throw them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. These rugs can be slippery, however, which is why they often have high-traction undersides made of rubber-like synthetics. Unfortunately, these chemicals eventually wear off, so the rugs are considered disposable. In addition, these rugs can develop unwanted odors.

Other Choices

Switching out your old bathmats in your master bath and guest bathrooms can instantly update the rooms and make them feel as if you invested in a total makeover. Soft, attractive bath rugs make the space feel warm and inviting. Clean new rugs can make your bathroom feel like a spa — a special place to which you’ve given some thought. Just make sure you choose a rug that serves your purpose while extending your style to every room in the house.

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