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He Likes Traditional, She Like Contemporary

June 25, 2012 2 min read

Learn how to compromise with your partner on your home decor style preferences[/caption] How to meld opposites to find just the right rug You’re finally ready to put the finishing touches on your newly remodeled living room. You and your partner head out to the rug store to choose the piece that will bring all your hard work together. Your space is fairly neutral, so you can choose any kind of pattern to signal your style and tastes. All shopping screeches to stop when you get to the rug store, however. As you look through the thousands of selections, a pattern emerges. You like the free-flowing, colorful contemporary styles and your partner is thoroughly rooted in bringing a traditional motif to your room. Are you doomed to living with a bare floor or can you find a happy solution? San Francisco psychologist Lawana Lofton says all is not lost. There’s nothing wrong with your relationship. It’s normal to have differences and disagreements in a healthy relationship. Once you’ve discovered your divergent tastes, there’s always a way to find a middle ground that will make you both happy. And in the rug business, that’s called “transitional.”

The transitional rug encompasses aspects of both the traditional and contemporary styles. It blends the classic floral and botanical motifs typically found on traditional rugs with bold colors and sharper designs of contemporary styles. A transitional rug brings ancient traditions into a new age with modern interpretations of the classics. And best of all, a transitional rug can appease the tastes of the most discerning traditionalist and the adventurous side of your more modern mate. Sphinx Generations is a line of synthetic yarn rugs that are made in Egypt by Oriental Weavers. Sphinx designers have mastered the art of transition to give customers a wealth of choices that incorporate the leaves, paisley designs and repetitions found in your typical Oriental rugs with colors and placement that suggest a new culture of impressionistic art. Many of the traditional pieces in the Generations collection have done away with the standard borders common on traditional rugs and replaced them with off-centered squares and roving patterns. Loloi is another manufacturer that produces a number of hand-tufted transitional rugs sure to please your divergent tastes. The Fulton line, for example, is a superb example of transitional at its best with the use of viscose and wool that produces a soft, deep pile that’s both lovely to look at and walk on. Just like your union, transitional rugs create the perfect marriage between classic and contemporary. They are an ideal way to modernize a room filled with antiques or add a touch of the old ways to a thoroughly modern motif. With the wide range of styles and colors, you and your partner are sure to find a new rug that fits both your needs without even having to utter the word “compromise.”

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