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Easy and Inexpensive (All Items Under $299) Ways to Get Your Home Holiday-Ready!

November 21, 2011 2 min read

The holidays are just around the corner and, as your eye scans through your house, you start to enter into panic attack mode seeing the bare walls and floors, and colorless table tops.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough time or money in your decorating budget to get your house holiday-ready before the guests and *gasp* your MOI (mother-in-law) arrives!  We are here to tell you that, fortunately, that’s not true!  We have some easy and very inexpensive ways to fill-in all of those spots that seem like empty holes in your home.

Solution #1: Add Florals and Greenery to Tabletops to Brighten Up the Place

The easiest way to add a sense of cheeriness to any room is by bringing in plants to brighten up the space. However, live versions require maintenance between watering and picking off dead leaves, but life-like florals and greenery are the perfect alternative!  We have a large selection of extremely reasonably priced arrangements (the ones below are under $150!) that will bring joy to your home through the holidays and all year round.

Solution #2: Add Color and Texture with Pillows and Drapes

Pillows are the most affordable way to add color to dull sofas, benches, and accent chairs.  Or throw a couple of oversized pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace for a cozy place for family members to curl up after an oh-so-delicious and filling Thanksgiving meal!  And come see our new collection of drapes – all lined, finished, and ready-to-hang in 3 different lengths.  Makes dressing up those windows a cinch!  All of the pillows and drapes below are under $100.

Solution #3: Art, Mirrors, Runners, and Foyer Rugs Provide Quick Fixes

Just by adding a couple of art pieces to your walls, a large mirror in your foyer or a long mirror in your hallway, a colorful runner placed in the hall, or a sophisticated rug in the foyer, you can make your home look refreshed and even redone!  These are quick and inexpensive fixes to make it look like you have been tirelessly decorating the whole year through!  Each item shown below is under $299.

Solution #4: Lamps and Accessories Add Warmth and Richness

Lamps and well-placed accessories instantly add an immense amount of warmth and richness!  Dark corners can make a home seem uninviting and gloomy, and you know your MOI is sure to point this out, right?  Just add a couple of lamps and instantly transform any room into a cozy haven!  And bright-colored or metallic accessories that reflect light will add to the warmth and richness.  See some options that we have in stock (at one of our 3 locations), all under $200. 

Solution #5: Small Accent Furniture Pieces are a Decorating-Must

Small accent pieces are a decorating-must for easy and simple ways to make your home look well decorated.  And with prices under $300 for everything from console tables, end tables, coffee tables, to small cabinets, painted sideboards, to accent chairs and bedside tables – your guests will think you have the gift of interior design, simply by adding a couple of these pieces in a guest room, hallway, living or gathering room, or any other nook or corner! 

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