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Singing the Praises of Solid Wood Furniture

April 22, 2010 2 min read

As is the case with handmade rugs, the quality of solid wood furniture far surpasses its counterparts—pieces made with plywood and pressed wood. (There are situations where plywood and pressed wood may be appropriate, however, just as there are times a machine-made rug could be the right choice for you.) With proper care, these pieces can also last a lifetime and stay away from the landfill. And, many solid wood pieces are crafted with wood from reclaimed sources, further making them a sustainable option for those working to tread lightly on the planet.


Caring for solid wood pieces is a lot simpler than it sounds. In fact, the only tools really needed are a clean rag and elbow grease. When your piece gets dusty or dirty, just wipe it lightly—with the grain of the wood—using a clean cotton cloth. You can use furniture polish, just be sure to do so sparingly. Should your furniture piece get a minor scratch, try buffing it with a small amount of polish. For larger scratches and dents, contact a professional; they should be able to easily repair your piece. Keep in mind that if a blemish isn’t deep enough to reach beyond the finish, it likely won’t cause long-term problems. In other words, you can leave it to add a bit of character! Today, many solid wood pieces come with a “weathered” look straight from the manufacturer that creates the illusion of an older, well-loved item.  Also keep in mind that because wood is a natural fiber, it can be negatively affected by the elements. As with handmade rugs, you’ll want to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and extreme humidity.


Have you gone green? Many solid wood furniture pieces have as well, as they're now made of reclaimed wood and thus are a great option if you want to be kind to the environment without giving up durability and style. At Rug & Home, we carry a wide variety of reclaimed wood furniture, much of which is from Theodore Alexander’s Castle Bromwich collection (pictured above). Each piece in this collection is handcrafted with reclaimed antique hard wood from architectural savage. The designs are inspired by Castle Bromwich Hall, a 16th century Elizabethan Manor house. Theodore Alexander himself owns Castle Bromwich, and he’s currently working to restore it to its original splendor. Stop in any one of our locations to browse items from the collection!

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