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Celebrate Earth Day with Rug & Home!

April 12, 2016 2 min read

How are you planning on celebrating Earth Day’s 46th anniversary this month? Planting a tree?  Choosing to have Meatless Mondays? What if I told you that celebrating Earth Day is as simple as choosing to redecorate!

Whether you are in the market for new rugs or for furniture, Rug & Home has put together a few of our favorite eco-friendly products.


Choosing to renovate your décor usually starts with a new rug, and why not reduce your carbon footprint as well!

These sustainable natural fiber rugs can be trendy or traditional ensuring a perfect fit in any space throughout your home!

Natural fiber rugs come in a variety of different materials- jute, sisal, hemp or even wool- giving you even more options when going green!


 An Upcycled rug is another eco-friendly way to reduce our impact on the world’s natural resources.

Upcycling signifies the use of discarded materials to repurpose them into a product that is of a higher quality.

Sari Silk is a new fiber that has become hugely popular due to its upcycled story. These rugs are made of the unused silk that is left after making saris. A sari is a four-to-nine yard length of cloth, traditionally made of silk, which women in India wrap around themselves as a garment. These silk yarns are handspun with cotton, wool, or other fibers to fortify their strength and then woven into unique patterns featuring these vibrantly colored threads!


Another example of upcycling that is becoming a popular trend is the patchwork style of rugs.

This style of rug features pieces of different vintage rugs that are cut into squares and rectangles to eliminate stains or work sports. Then, the individual pieces are cleaned, treated, and fitted together to create the new “patchwork” design. These pieces are meticulously hand-stitched together to make an exquisite, one -of-a kind floor covering and a newly invigorated treasure.

              Shop: Gisselle GX04 Fiesta & Overdyed Patchwork 216



Reclaimed Furniture is another great way to implement your want to reduce and reuse.

The wood is usually reclaimed from a variety of sources- shipyards to former havelis and mansions.

The beauty and durability of reclaimed woods is undeniable, not to mention purchasing reclaimed wood furniture fights deforestation and reduces our landfills.

Shop our three locations for a closer look at these one of a kind pieces!

It is important to realize that our natural resources are not limitless, and we should all keep a conscious eye on our personal footprint.

We all can make a different in the preservation of the planet- one rug at a time!



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