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Carla is a Senior Design Associate at Rug & Home of Gaffney and has been with us since 2007.  Carla is most known, and recognized for, her patience.  "Selecting the perfect rug takes time". She offers a calm, laid back personality that makes customers feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed by Rug and Home's great selection. Carla’s favorite style is transitional. “Because it is such a versatile style. The style seems to be less restricting since you are not having to work around borders and worry about centering your rug with your furnishings, especially if you are in a constricted space."

Carla has an amazing memory so she is able to locate inventory quickly. This comes in handy if you have a picture or something particular in mind. Carla says, “it never gets old being able to find customers exactly what they came in looking for!”


  • Exceptional listing skills
  • Amazing memory for customer and product details
  • Versatile sense of style

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