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November 08, 2018 2 min read

Our Week 7 Donation

Thrive 4 Health

For our 7th week of 52 Weeks of Giving, we donated this beige 5 x 8 to Thrive for Health. Thrive is a Hendersonville-based nonprofit that helps those with mental illnesses become productive members of the community. Services that they provide include transitional employment opportunities, housing assistance and financial management support. The rug was donated as a part of their 7th Annual Bids & Blues fundraising event. Trive's Development Associate, Dianne Ledbetter, sent us this thank you letter after the event:

Dear friends,

Thanks to your donation of the 9/25 Cluster 10-1081 Biege 5 x 8 rug that you value at $2,599.95, Thrive raised over $40,000 at our 7th Annual Bids and Blues event on Monday, October 15!!! Your help with the Silent Auction items really boosted the interest in our baskets and attracted higher bids! We are so grateful for your help in making this the best Bids & Blues ever!

Many people are fearful of seeking help due to the stigma associated with mental illness and/or homelessness. This can create a larger issue to address and can lead to unsafe situations. Thrive seeks to break down the stigma everyday by helping adults move from surviving a crisis to thriving in their community. Participation in Thrive programs have taught them that the first step towards stability is asking for help.

Thrive staff provide a safe, nonjudgmental community. Our mission is to provide support and opportunities to individuals and families offering community, hope and recovery. We would not be able to achieve our mission without the thoughtful gifts of people & organizations like yours.

(We had 2 pages of bids on your rug! It was quite the hit! Thank you so much!)


 We are happy that our 52 Weeks of Giving has already benefited so many in our local community, and we look forward to the future success stories in the upcoming weeks. Follow us on Facebook for further updates on 52 Weeks of Giving.

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