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November 17, 2016 4 min read



Giving Back & Shopping Small

Shop Small. We have all heard it before, but do we really realize the impact that shopping small has on our communities? By supporting small businesses you are not only supporting local jobs, which in turn supports local families, you are supporting the entrepreneurs who become strong cornerstones in their communities. This is incredibly important to the founders of Rug & Home. They do not take their successes for granted and they have made it duty to give back to the communities that have supported them in their journey.

Their journey started a little over 30 years ago, when Dolly and Rakesh Agarwal came to this country with a few dollars in their pocket and a dream of a better life for them and their daughter. They were welcomed with generosity from the community through simple acts of kindness. This is something they have vowed never to forget. Extraordinarily hard working and persistent, they took the skills and education they received in India and converted that into a true Rug Empire. Their mission has never wavered:

To be the Ultimate Destination for Area Rugs and Home Furnishings by delivering highly-curated products with fanatical service, and a delightful shopping experience.

To expand on their mission, and what I have grown to respect most about their business, is they sincerely want the best for their customers at the best price possible.  We have something for every single person who walks through the doors: we have all price points and qualities, as well as sizes, styles and colors. We make it easy for customers by guiding them through the store and helping pinpoint their need. It is a shopping experience with customer service like no other and their stores have come to be a destination for anyone in the rug market. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.

Spring forward, and today, there are 3 large Rug & Home locations along with our ever growing website. Combined showroom floor space of 200,000 square feet. It’s truly impressive. But what is most impressive this the respect they have gained from their peers in the home furnishings industry. Humbly and graciously Dolly & Rakesh have helped support many organizations in their local community. They also founded and support a mission half way across the world, in India, to help the most vulnerable.

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving – Here is a spotlight on the Goodness that has been spread by Rug & Home:

  • Pardee Cancer Center – Hendersonville, NC
    • Rug & Home has donated $50,000 to the Pardee Cancer Center, opening in the Fall of 2016. This state-of-the-art Facility is Hendersonville’s only comprehensive cancer center, serving those suffering with cancer by creating specialized treatment plans. It is a blessing to have highly qualified Doctors and support staff taking care of those effected by cancer in our community.
    • For More Information or to Donate Visit: pardeehospitalfoundation.org

 Rakesh & Dolly Agarwal

  • Vision Express – Northern India
    • In 2011, the founder and CEO of Rug & Home decided to make a difference in the land where he was born. He identified a problem and came up with a game plan to fix it. He organized volunteers and started setting up annual health clinics to support those who did not have access to healthcare. People arrived on foot from villages far away to get help. Fast forward to November 2016 and Vision Express is happy to report that they have restored vision to nearly 3000 underprivileged women who could not have otherwise afforded the surgery. Overall, this mission has helped treat nearly 12000 underprivileged locals, without access to Healthcare. This continues to be a huge passion for the Agarwals.
    • For More Information on Rug & Home supported Charity, Vision Express or to Donate – Visit: http://www.visionexpress.net/

 Vision Express

  • Flat Rock Playhouse – Hendersonville, NC
    • Rug & Home has donated about $75,000 to support this amazing Western NC treasure. Designated the State Theater of North Carolina, the Flat Rock Playhouse not only provides year round Productions of the Arts, they also help provide education in the preforming arts through workshops, classes, intern and apprenticeships.
    • For More Information or to Donate Visit: flatrockplayhouse.org


  • Four Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care – Hendersonville, NC
    • Rug & Home has donated $100,000 to support the Palliative Care program at Four Seasons. Four Season’s supports those who need the most support, there are truly angels at work in this facility. The Palliative care program focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients undergoing treatment for chronic or curable diseases. Its goal is to improve the quality of life for anyone with stress/pain due to a life threatening illness, no matter the prognosis.
    • For more Information, to Donate or Volunteer Visit: fourseasonscfl.org


  • Flower Delivery to Assisted Living Facilities all over Western NC, Upstate SC and the Greater Charlotte Area
    • About four times per year, for various occasions, employees at all 3 locations have proudly delivered flowers to residents at Assisted Living Facilities all over. This tradition not only brings a smile to the resident’s faces, but has brought big smiles to all involved in the preparation and delivery of the flowers. Small gestures make great impact and these small gestures add up. The Rug & Home team has delivered Tens of Thousands of flowers over the past 20 years and that feels really good.


So shop small, and support those who help support others. It’s a ripple effect that can be felt near and far. This season is all about showing gratitude for the blessings in ones life, and I love how the Agarwals have taken these blessings and converted them into blessings for others.  And I know this is what they treasure most about living, what many would see as, the American Dream.

Let me leave you with this videofrom local news station, WLOS, when Rug & Home's Founder and CEO, Rakesh Agarwal was named 'Person of the Week' back in April 2016.



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