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February 11, 2019 2 min read

Our Week 19 Donation

The Mediation Center

For our 19th week of 52 Weeks of Giving, we donated this 5'x8' transitional designed rug to the Mediation Center's Family Visitation Program. The Mediation Center helps people in Buncombe, Henderson Transylvania, and Polk Counties move through difficult and stressful conflict. One of their most noteworthy programs is the Family Visitation Program. The rug was donated to their visitation room. We received this thank you letter from their Executive Director, Laura Jeffords.


Dear Rug & Home, 


Thank you for your in-kind donation of a hand-knotted 5x8 wool rug from India to the Family Visitation Program, a program of the Mediation Center. Each year, the Family Visitation Program serves more children and families with a history of conflict.


The Family Visitation Programs (FVP) provides supervised visitation and safe exchange services to families with a history of domestic violence, susbstance abuse, child abuse or neglect, mental health concerns, or high-conflict custody disputes. FVP is a child-focused service which provides a safe and comfortable place for parent and child to build positive relationships. Our goal is to assist in arranging continued contact between parent and child in a safe environment. FVP helps families establish and maintain positive parenting relationships with their children and minimize the effects of conflict between parents, without putting children at risk for abuse or neglect.


The mission of the Mediation Center and the Family Visitation Program is to create create opportunity from conflict. Your donation ensures that people in our community have the resources they need to be safer and healthier. Thank you for your generous support.


Thank you so much, Rug & Home! The rug is beautiful!




Laura Jeffords

We are happy that our 52 Weeks of Giving has already benefited so many in our local community, and we look forward to the future success stories in the upcoming weeks. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for further updates on 52 Weeks of Giving.

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