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June 07, 2018 2 min read

Bringing Arts and Crafts to Life

   Jaipur op26 arts and crafts area rugjaipur pm51 arts and crafts rug

 Rug and Home procures countless ever-changing pieces of inventory from artisans around the world. Spanning cultures, eras of art and design, and modern global and local pieces that can adapt to any home’s desires we are constantly hunting for more creative merchandise to bring into our stores. This team constantly explores new approaches to designs or reinvigorating designs of the past to be at the forefront of home design.

                 Arts and Crafts Rug   Arts and Crafts Rug

     The late 1880s to 1920s was the peak of a movement striving to pull away from the industrialization of our evolving world. Recognition of our craftsman in art and craft goods including the art of weaving a rug was losing its spotlight to mass manufactured rugs at a fraction of the cost. Many inspirations from the faces of the Arts and Crafts movement were responsible for some of the iconic designs we are adapting into our inventory today. William Morris, Gavin Morton, and Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered the industry with styles such as the Prairie Style into Art Nouveau expressing revivals of fantastic tones and shades of blues and reds.

jaipur op18 arts and crafts rug 

     With such beauty in these designs they open the doors into the past showing a soft design configuration in balanced rug designs capturing simple florals or classic lines. Our inventory is expanding new color variations and restoring the classic designs to bring to our stores a unique selection of Arts and Crafts rugs that will highlight the craftsmanship from the current weaving composition and the beauty of design evoked from the Arts and Crafts time period.

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