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3 Tips for Sizing Up Sofas

February 14, 2014 2 min read

We're sizing up sofas here! Large ones, smalls ones, settees, sectionals.... where do we begin?

1. Start with the dimensions of your room. Do you have those? How about some graph paper? 'Map' out a layout of your room shape to help visualize the placement of your furnishings within your room(s). We've created this sample graph paper that is free to use, print, and download for your convenience when shopping for the perfect furnishings.

2. What pieces are staying and what are you replacing? Do you have a blank slate? Maybe grandma's piano is a staple design element that you just can't part with. Sentimental items should always be considered when thinking design. If it has personal value and feels like a must within the space, then study its details to know what style is appropriate for you.

3. Choosing the scale of your sofa can be tricky. Here is where you need to, again, consider and list what other furniture you are going to need to put in that space.  Do you need an oversized sectional to fill a large space? Do you need a sofa and loveseat or could a custom sofa (90"+) save you some space and offer ample seating? Also remember that ottomans are an inexpensive alternative to a coffee table and can double as seating as well.

Settees work well in an entry space but can work in a small sitting room area or even a dressing room like the one pictured below. If you're in a tight apartment setting, it may be a great alternative to a traditional sofa. They also have traditionally higher legs that if you're in need of creative space-saving solutions, can accommodate pretty baskets. For more advice on how to choose the perfect sofa, view this article written by Houzz Editorial Staff writer, Vanessa Brunner. While you're there, please follow us on Houzz for views from our showroom, spotlights from our Designers, and latest product images.

Written By: Samantha Palacio

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