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Trend Alert: What the heck is ikat??

August 08, 2011 1 min read

You may be asking yourself that if you have heard this buzz word being used around the water cooler, ahem, we mean in interior design and home fashion magazines (home fashion trends may be too cool for the water cooler!). We’re here to help you understand this latest trend, and its origins, that seems to be just about everywhere, from pillows to upholstery to rugs! Ikat (pronounced ee-kaht, not eye-kaht) is actually a technique used in dyeing that creates a pattern similar to that of tie-dye or batik prints. However, the use of the term "ikat" in home furnishings doesn’t necessarily signify the technique used to create that item, although it might for upholstered pieces, but, rather, it is used to indicate the presence of the type of pattern this unique style of dyeing creates. Ikat designs are characterized by rough, jagged edges to pattern components, creating an almost blurred effect. These designs also often have diamond shapes incorporated in some concrete or abstract manner.

There are numerous variations of an ikat design, but whatever the style and colors used, ikat is said to be a symbol of wealth, power, status and prestige, and is even believed to have magical powers! Go ahead – bring a little magic into your own home with ikat! Source: Wikipedia For more on ikat rugs and home furnishings and how you can incorporate this look into your own home, visit one of our locations and speak with a design associate, or ask us any questions you may have by emailing us at!

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