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Style Spotlight: Wall Decor

April 27, 2016 2 min read

When making the decision to refurbish or add your wall’s artwork, you should certainly be conscientious. Consider each room or hallway separately and decide what will suit the décor or ambiance of the space. Wall décor not only puts our individuality on our walls, it also lends balance, as well as dimension to our rooms.

We have put together a few looks that will set each room’s décor apart, but will also fit a cohesive theme as well.



Farmhouse Chic is a trendy décor option which combines the soothing neutral color palette of grays and beiges with the warmer tones of wood, as well as stone. This style is also synonymous with shabby-chic, but with an infusion of rustic flair.  The wall décor shown above, is the perfect accent for any dining room or kitchen as it will add a sensibility of humbleness with a dash of country living.



The industrial style takes formerly loved items and transforms them in to something new and different, such as taking old gears and turning them into a piece of art. Industrial design can easily be incorporated into any urban or even farmhouse style- and it makes for an interesting combination!  Choose to decorate a living area or bedroom with these time worn wall décor options to help create a balance of urban and rural décor.


The minimalist style is one in which the simplest and the fewest elements are used to create maximum effect. The wall décor featured gives a cozy and warm ambiance to a room, without doing too much. A minimalist décor will give your office charisma, as well as character without detracting from the room’s overall design.


Add some glitz to your style and make your home’s walls look like a million bucks with Rug & Home’s Glam Chic wall décor! This chic style of wall art will bring pizzazz to your walls as this style is for anyone who wants to add a little Hollywood to their home, or has an eye for shine! The metallic and mirrored wall décor will definitely add class to your bedroom and will effortlessly spice up your living room.


Spruce up your home’s blank walls with Rug & Home’s timeless décor and artwork. These pieces are sure to inspire sophistication, as well as style in any home.



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