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Blue Rugs

Blue rugs can be soothing, electric, coastal, sophisticated, and much more depending on the shade, and what colors you coordinate with. Rug & Home has you covered from sky blue to navy rugs, so finding the right color blue for your style and room is easy. Here are some tips on color coordinating with a blue area rug:

  • Cool grays, whites and blacks matched with a light blue rug can create a modern or soft muted look that is very relaxing. Blues and grays are great for a bedroom, or a room with lots of natural light.
  • Blue as a primary color when mixed with other primary colors like red and yellow is very fun and youthful. Blue mixed with orange and lime green can have the same effect. This trio of color is ideal for a kid’s room or the poolside.
  • If you want a more traditional look, blue area rugs in a traditional design with a beige or brown border will match any wooden furniture or leather seating. This color scheme of blue and brown is cozy and inviting and ideal for a living room or den.
  • Tan, white, and light blue, dark blue or even aquamarine are the colors of the beach. With the right design a blue rug can complete your coastal or tropical design theme.
  • Purple, green and blue in a floral rug is a great addition to a sun-room or a girl’s room, and is a great way to tie in these accent colors.

As you have probably noticed blue rugs coordinate well with every color and every style, no wonder blue is the world’s most popular color. Once you find the blue area rug of your choice we will ship it to you for free!