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White Rugs

White is a glorious color, and a white area rug is sure to brighten any room. Placing white rugs in a room with little light will maximize and reflect any light in the room giving a brighter feeling. A white area rug can also make a room seem larger, and help tie together a room with a lot of contrasting elements. Here are a few tricks to keeping your white rug white:

  • White rugs are recommended for rooms with little foot traffic, such as a bedroom or parlor/alternate living room.
  • Always keep a recommended spot cleaner on hand, because time is of the essence. We recommend Capture, a PH balanced cleaner, available from your local Rug & Home in both a powder and a spray.
  • Regular vacuuming with the beater bar on the highest setting will keep dirt from settling into the fibers of the rugs dulling their whiteness.
  • A rug pad placed under the rug will help protect your rug from spills and dirt on the floor underneath the rug.

When shopping for the right white rug,. Rug & Home has you covered with white sparkle shags to a traditional Ryeland rug by Magnolia Home. Free shipping on every online rug purchase.