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Transform your outdoor living space with a colorful or patterned outdoor rug. An indoor/outdoor rug is an easy way to add a pop of color to your porch, deck, or pool area. Designed to withstand the elements our indoor/outdoor rugs are ultra-durable and stain resistant. When choosing an outdoor rug you want something that feels great underfoot, but also is made to resist the sun, rain and mold. At Rug & Home we offer a great selection of weatherproof outdoor rugs in bright colors and patterns that will bring your outdoor space to life.

Buying The Perfect Outdoor Rug

The general rule with any décor is to start with the rug. The same holds true even with outdoor rugs. A quality rug will often outlast any of your other décor and choosing an indoor/outdoor rug with a wide color spectrum leaves you room to grow aesthetically for years to come.

Choosing the right size and shape

The size and shape of your outdoor rug is an important decision because it will define the space of your other furniture. Consider the space. Do you want to showcase the wood or brickwork? If so, then a smaller rug under a table allows for subtle complementing instead of overshadowing décor. If that is not the case, large outdoor rugs can over lay your outdoor space.

General Rules:
    • If the rug is going under a table, match the shape of the table with the rug. So a round table is on top of a round rug.
    • If you have a larger patio dining table, you should be able to pull the chair out to sit and it remain on the rug. This is generally 2 feet larger than the table.
    • For a seating area, the front legs of the furniture in the grouping should all rest on the rug.

Once you know the shape and size of outdoor rug you need, you’ll want to decide on the best furniture for your arrangement.

Outdoor Rug Materials

When you consider outdoor rug materials, it is important to weigh the aesthetic benefits against the upkeep. Natural fibers such as bamboo, hemp, sisal and seagrass provide nice textures. That is important if you plan to be barefoot on your outdoor space. You must find what you will like to feel while you are hosting. Natural fibers are sound absorbent and often durable. But they can mildew with continued moisture exposure and will need to be covered, or stored in a dry area during inclement weather. UV treated polypropylene rugs come in a larger variety of color options and can be hosed down and will dry quickly, allowing for easy maintenance. The UV treatment also protects the colors from the sun keeping them bright and colorful and not sun bleached white. Synthetic fibers are traditionally not as soft as natural fibers, but in recent years fiber technology has advanced to include a wide range of textures. The washable synthetic fibers are engineered to withstand the forces of nature making synthetic rugs the best material option for outdoor use. Due to material durability, outdoor rugs might be a good choice for certain areas of high traffic within your home such as a mudroom.

Outdoor Rug Patterns and Colors

Choosing the color of your rug is about your personal style, what other furniture is in the space, and the seasons you plan to use your outdoor space the most. Find the colors that fit you. If you are adventurous and flashy, choose a colorful indoor/outdoor rug and allow the furniture to temper the colors and find a middle ground. If you have the furniture picked out, go with colors that complement without matching. Time of year can also be a helpful consideration. Maybe you plan to host mostly in the fall. Think of the autumn leaves as inspiration for your color palette.

Whether you have a large patio, love bold colors or neutrals, or are looking for a durable outdoor rug that will last for multiple seasons. Our indoor/outdoor rugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Once you decide on the perfect rug we will ship it to you for free! Your new outdoor rug is just a click away!