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Formal and Timeless--Oriental rugs can define a space, and make any room feel like a home. They are an investment that will likely outlast your other decor.The rugs in this collection all contain unique patterns and materials that fit within the category of oriental rugs.

The history of carpet weaving oriental rugs is rich, dating back to 500 AD in countries such as Iran and Tibet. The rugs were hand woven, often from sheep’s wool, and made any space their home. The colors and patterns often depicted values and beliefs of indigenous groups. Years have passed, but the spirit of oriental rugs remains alive through century old designs with new colors to match your modern life.

If you are looking for a unique rug infused with the spirit of oriental tradition, this collection is for you. Maybe you are looking for a rich color combination to fit your home office or a neutral color pattern for your living room or hallway. No matter the room, we have the rug for you. Once you purchase your oriental rug, here are some tips for keeping it in pristine condition.

Oriental Rug Care Tips

  • Vacuum both sides of the rug in the direction of the pile, not against the grain. Avoid vacuuming fringe edges to prevent pulling or unwinding of the materials. Most importantly if you have a vacuum with a beater bar make sure that it is set on the highest setting to avoid fiber loss.
  • Consider purchasing a nylon screen to place on top of rug during vacuuming. This will prevent excessive pulling of fibers while grabbing dust from the material.
  • Spot clean using warm water and clean by hand, gently. Club soda can also be used for spot cleaning.
  • General rule in caring for any type of rug is regular rotation. Rotating the rug allows for an even disbursement of wear as each area will receive high traffic or natural light attention.
  • Be wary of cleaning solutions. Cleaning solutions that have dye or are not PH balanced may cause colors to run or fade, and or may damage the material. We recommend a rug cleaning solution called Capture.
  • Capture rug and carpet cleaner comes in both a powder and a spray for different types of stays and can be purchased in any Rug & Home showroom.
  • It is time to clean your rug when you can run your hand across the surface and come away with dirt or dust.

Browse our collections and find the right oriental rug for you and your home. Use the filters to narrow your search and find the right size, color and material.