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Unique, edgy and modern. Rug & Homes wants to help you make a statement with our eight sided octagon area rugs. Octagonal rugs are the perfect way to spice up your home. If you are innovative and a trendsetter, this collection is for you. The uniqueness of an octagonal rug makes it visually interesting, and perfect for those odd shaped and asymmetrically designed areas of your home. A calmer color option, like our blue rugs, can prevent an octagon area rug from overwhelming a smaller space.

Choosing the shape of your rug helps define the parameters of the space and the placement of your furniture. The rug should be large enough to fit the front legs of any furnishing, if not the entire piece. Try to match the shape of your rug to the shape of your furniture for a harmonious aesthetic. Below are some examples of how an octagonal rug might work in different spaces of your home.

  • Living Room: A large eight sided rug in your living room can define separate seating areas, making it great for homes with an open floor plan.
  • Dining Room: A large octagon area rug under the table and chairs can compliment a round or octagonal table. Make sure that the rug is at least a 1 1/2 to 2 feet larger than the table allowing for a chair to slide out and remain on the rug.
  • Foyer: An octagonal rug is the perfect entryway rug, as it becomes the focal point of your foyer and shows your guests that you have taken the time to choose the perfect shape for this area.

At Rug & Home you'll find a wide assortment of octagon rugs from our Dover Lemon Ice Custom rug to our traditional Crown rugs. Choose your color, size and material from our filter options to match you and your space. Once you decide on the perfect rug we will ship it to you for free! Your new octagonal rug is just a click away!