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2x4 Area Rugs

2x4 area rugs also known as the entryway rug are most commonly used in front of doors as welcome mats, but the 2x4 rug size is just right for a variety of other places as well.

  • Kitchens, Bathroom & Laundry Rooms: A 2x4 rug placed in front of the sink or folding table creates a nice cushion under foot as you preen or clean.
  • Fireplaces & Hearths: A 2x4 wool rug in front of the fireplace will not only look great, but will help protect your floor and house from stray embers. Wool is naturally flame retardant and will blacken and smolder instead of burst into flame like other natural fibers or melting like synthetics.
  • Bedrooms: A set of 2x4 area rugs on either side of a bed will help frame the bed in a room, and in the mornings your feet won’t be shocked by the cold floor.

With so many alternate uses, a 2x4 rug is a great way to test color and coordinate designs, especially when preparing to purchase a large or oversized rug online.

Rug & Home has made it easy to find what you are looking for with thousands of 2x4 area rugs in everything from traditional to modern designs. Enjoy free shipping on all 2x4 rugs when you shop online.