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Eleven foot to twelve foot round area rugs are perfect for large living rooms, outdoor patios, dens, and to go under long conference room or dining room tables. Rug&Home has you covered with free shipping even with oversize 10x14 area rugs like these.

Round rugs work beautifully to soften sometimes sharp or harsh edges that are prevalent in most modern homes.  The round shape works to offset the linear nature of most rooms and is an unexpected counter to more conventional rectangular rugs.  Round area rugs work elegantly under a round coffee or dining table.  One key design tip is that the rug should be large enough for the dining chairs to fit on, even when you pull them out to have a seat.  In a minimally designed room, a round rug shows off its curvy nature, which gives the room an interesting focal point.  Other great places to use round area rugs are in entryways and bathrooms.  Shop Rug & Home’s beautiful selection of round rugs available in hundreds of different designs and colors!