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August 29, 2016 2 min read

It's Football Season - Now What?

Ahhh September, you are finally here. With football season officially upon us, it is time to get our home ready for the very BEST gatherings of the year. Being a Carolina Panther fan myself, I yearn to create the perfect game watching ambiance through a simple rug update.

I wanted to introduce you to a fiber I am totally amazed with – EverStrand. It is revolutionary within the rug market and certainly deserves some real attention. EverStrand is made from PLASTIC BOTTLES. Yes, all those plastic bottles we go through at football parties can be transformed into art for your floor. Eco-friendly, sustainable and super durable, this fiber has it all. When I learned about it, I was literally floored. What a smart concept to transform something so wasteful into something so beautiful! Check out this video just how the fiber is produced; it is so impressive! 

Now, my favorite collection made with the EverStrand fiber is the Spice Market Collection. Lush, traditional in style but with up to date color ranges and a soft hand, it is basically perfection. This collection is actually manufactured right here in North Carolina by Karastan, a world renowned leader in the rug industry. At almost 100 years old, they have an incredible track record in producing quality products with exceptional design. And the pricing for the look in the Spice Market Collection is out of this world. You will not go wrong, I promise.

Here is my pick to create my Carolina Panther win ambiance! With masculine lines and concentrated color, it really will make a perfect space for game day.


Spice Market Deir Aquamarine 90665 50123 Rug

Spice Market Deir Aquamarine 90665 50123 Rug  

Now, if you love the idea of Everstrand's durability, sustainability and eco-friendliness but you like more muted, quite tones – take a look at Karastan's Pacifica Collection. More transitional in presence and much calmer in appearance – but still perfect for the heavy traffic of your football party, or whatever else life throws at you.



 Pacifica Seabridge Beige 90482 70033 Rug

But if you are having a traditional tailgate or having an outdoor cookout on game day – why not take it to the next level? Having an outdoor rug that is game-day-specific is not only ahead of the curve, it shows your guests that you want them to be comfortable – because the next three hours are all about bonding and comradery. No matter whether it is brought about because you are rooting for the same team or through some classic game day banter, It is the bonding that makes these good days together great – win or lose.

Check out our huge selection of Indoor/Outdoor rugs on our website!

I think this would be perfect for my Carolina Panther Tailgate!

Baja BAJ 4 Navy Rug

 Baja BAJ 4 Navy Rug 

Whatever team you root for, Whatever rug you choose - we just hope you make the most of these memories, as these low pressure game day extravaganzas are truly priceless!

Go Team!




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