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July 02, 2018 1 min read

Red, White & Blue

I think it's safe to say the 4th of July brings out the Red, White & Blue in all of us. Weather it be our flag, coordinated outfits, holiday decorations, or home decor. Rug & Home has some great pieces that will help you keep your patriotic spirit all year round. You can never go wrong with a white neutral room, and then decorating with the accent colors of your choice. Red and Blue pillows, artwork, and rugs are a perfect way to transform any room for the season.


This wonderfully painted four piece set creates the perfect red, white and blue accent. Perfect for the nautical lover in your life, or to spruce up your summer home. 

Three pails

If you are looking for home decor that is also functional these three pails are perfect for any July 4th function. I can image them being used as planters filled with red, white, and blue flowers of course of your favorite variety.


Nothing can beet the flag when it comes to decor that speaks for the season, but this Trans-Ocean rug comes close. This rug is sure to add color whether you place it out on your patio, or inside your home. 

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