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5 Décor Gifts for your Sweetheart

February 03, 2016 3 min read

Is January over already?! We can’t believe how fast the first month of the year has flown by, but we’re excited that one of our favorite months is finally here! February has so much to give, but we’re most excited about the love it brings. When trying to decide on the perfect gift for your significant other, family member or friend, start thinking outside the box. Believe us, it’s okay to go the cheap, but romantic route or DIY your way into that special person’s heart! The first step is finding out what that person loves and enjoys doing on a day to day, once you have that figured out the rest is easy. Let’s just say you have an interior designer, someone who loves home décor, or maybe you want to surprise them with a home upgrade. We’re here to help with five unique and romantic gifts for your sweetheart!



Are you ready to set the scene? Here’s a tip. Prepare a nice Valentine’s Day meal, grab his/her favorite dessert, and pig out as you watch one of your favorite movies. This will leave your special someone in total bliss, literally. Why? Because you’ll add this amazing red shag rug that lives up to its name. It features extreme softness and luxury, the collection is super soft and is available in a number of other beautiful colors that will feel amazing underfoot. Upgrade your home and fall in love with this rug all at once.


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? YOU, of course! Here’s another great gift idea. Does your significant other, friend, or family member have a beauty room, corner, or section in their home? Here’s the perfect way to upgrade it on a budget, add mirrors. These heart-shaped rustic wall mirrors feature a rust colored finished hanging bracket and rope detailing – how cool is that?! It’s currently 30% off, so don’t miss out on this great buy!

We’re celebrating love all month long so you know what that means right?! It’s time to pop out the bubbly. If your special person is a wine coinsurer then Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bring out the good stuff. Dinner is prepared and maybe you want your wine bottle as table décor to impress him/her even more. Well, we’ve got you covered, get ready to transport him/her to another part of the world with this vintage inspired black chain ice bucket. Your bottle of wine will be chilled in style and it’s a great piece to add to your home when hosting.


Are you still waiting for us to reveal that must-have gift?! Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? On February 14th start your surprises as early as breakfast. Make it a family affair and let the children help by cooking pancakes with mom or dad spelled in them or keep it simple with a bowl of cereal and milk! Whatever it is, do it from the heart. As you make that journey up the stairs or down the hall you want to make sure your placement is intact. We have the perfect gift to add to your home. Essentials by Connie Post has received a makeover with new colors and styles. This set of three nesting trays in modern, funky patterns are available in red and white – how fitting?!


Valentine’s Day is fun when you get the whole family involved. You can share memories from the “good ole days” by printing out old photos or having a new photo shoot with the family as a surprise. Whatever you decide make sure you have the perfect unveiling so the display can be a tear jerker your family will always remember. We have the perfect option for storing all of your family memories. Made of forged metal, this maple tree hanging photo collage provides numerous openings to display your favorite family photos. The finish consists of aged chestnut with antiqued verdigris details and burnished edges. This maple tree holds ten 4x4 photos and three 5x5 photos. Are you ready to hang your maple tree?


February will always be known as the month of “LOVE”! We’re excited to help you celebrate with this 10% off coupon code. Use RHLOVE at checkout to receive this discount. Are you still stuck on what to buy for your significant other? We have more options to choose from, check them out on our Valentine’s Day curated page and we promise you won’t check out empty handed. Kisses and hugs: Who couldn’t use a few more?

Happy Shopping! 


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