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A Sneak Peek at the Year in Design: 2016 Home Décor Trends

January 12, 2016 11 min read

We all know what may have been on trend and stylish last year won’t make it into this next year. It’s finally time to let go of our favorite trends that we were head-over-heels for last year and fall in love with all the new décor options 2016 has to offer.  The home décor predictions are in and we’re loving what we’re seeing. Here’s a toast to the simple color schemes that’ll come in 2016, soft color designs, floral—yes we said floral - textured designs, unique furniture pieces, rugs, and more. Make this year your most stylish year yet as we give you a sneak peek into the year in design! We have tons of inspiration, ideas, and concepts – keep scrolling.


Florals are back 

Don’t you just love when an old trend creeps back in? We’re so excited for this to be in the home décor line-up for 2016. When it comes to florals there are so many different patterns and each pattern brings on a different style and personality. The trend that’s coming into style is not only the new floral styles, but a lot of the retro florals from the 50s and 60s. YES, the floral where the base is a very dark color like black, blue, or brown – they’re back! Need some inspiration? Let’s jump right into it.

Incorporating florals into your existing home décor. Just because we’re at the start of a new year doesn’t mean you have to let all of your home décor go to keep up with what’s trending. All you have to do is find a way to incorporate new styles into your existing décor. Maybe your living room is perfect, but your walls are totally bare. Well this is your chance to play with florals. Add in some beautiful floral prints to your walls to fill the gaps and make your space come together. Finding a great floral accent piece is also an easy way to give your home the trend refresh it needs.

Finding the perfect floral accent piece. When it comes to florals the options are endless. Floral prints can seem a little bit overwhelming when trying to incorporate them into your home décor or even when you’re trying to find that one piece you love. When deciding on the perfect floral accent piece, pay attention to the scale of the piece. If you’re going for a modern look, find large floral prints in accent pieces such as, pillows/poufs, prints, accent chairs, or even an area rugs. Are you the go big or go home type? If so, maybe a floral accent wall or sofa may be more your style. If you’re going this direction have a soft solid color to balance the busyness-  a soft pink sofa with your floral accent wall would be a great way to bring this trend into your home.

Blue is IN

Blue is here to stay and we’re so excited because besides being a neutral color, blue is one of the easiest hues to work with when it comes to decorating. This year home décor is going more soothing and soft when it comes to the color blue! Are you ready for your home to be “on trend?” Well, all you have to do is add some hues of blue. Taking this color into your bedroom will suddenly give that space the peace and calmness you’ve been looking for. How do you know which blue is for you? We’re here to help, keep reading.

What’s your favorite hue of blue? Finding the perfect shade of blue for your home. The first decision you have to make is room location then ask yourself this question, “what story am I trying to tell in this room?” That will help you decide on the hue of blue to go with for your home. Are you looking to give off more of a refreshing vibe when guests enter your living room? Add touches of turquoise or aqua by purchasing a new rug for that space- this Amore Shag gives you all of that and more! The goal is to make the room cohesive and add the trend into your already existing furnishings.

Soothing blues. Whether you’re decorating your living room space, office, or bedroom, our recommendation would be to go with a softer shade of blue in 2016! This year’s pantone color of the year, Serenity, is a great start. Now that we know what shade of blue we want, it’s all about adding in that décor piece. Blue is such a neutral color that it can transform your living room, bedroom, dining, and even the kitchen. A great accent piece and focal point for a room is the rug you select. Try this classic beauty - it tells a timeless story and it is an on-trend shade of light and serene blue. You can’t get any better than that!


Poppin’ with Pink

We’re here to prove to you that pink isn’t just for girls and Valentine’s Day, but for home décor as well. From blush to hot pink it’s time to accent your home with this poppin’ color. Did you know that pink brings excitement and motivation to any space?! From glamourous and passionate to charming and cozy, decorating with pinks has never been so versatile! Even Pantone joined in with this soft Rose Quartz color that everyone has been dying to add into their space already and the year just started. Are you ready to join in on the fun? Here are a few tips to help you when adding pink to your home this year.

Adding pink accents to compliment your home décor. It’s all about the accents when it comes to the pink! We already know what the color does for the feel of the home now all we have to do is find which accent piece is needed to give your home a 2016 trend upgrade. Pillows are always a great accent because they’re an easy upgrade and you can swap them out with different room changes. Add pink pillows into your already decorated home by decorating with a colorful mix of the color. Take a darker pink with a softer to add some fun and glam to your living room décor or stick with subtle undertones by adding in a few blush pink accents to your sofa in a more modern space. Lastly, you can always let pink be the pop of color in your home no matter the shade.

Mixing and matching pink with patterns is also another great way to incorporate this trend into your home. Pink is a color that works well with patterns – maybe in your mind it shouldn’t, but in reality it does. Ready to visualize it? Take a great pop of blush pink whether that be a sofa or bedding and mix it with leopard or even floral rugs. This would be perfect combo for an office area, bedroom, or powder room. Mixing pink with unexpected patterns can be fun and glamorous. It’s okay to take a risk when it comes to your home décor in 2016!


Photo Credit: Style Caster

Warm Metals

Out with the old home décor trends, and in with the new! Bring on the warm metals - warm gold, brass, and copper – we’re ready for you. This is one trend that we can actually say is here to stay! Don’t worry if your home already has some cool chrome, nickel, and stainless steel spread throughout - it’s okay to mix the warmer metals in. If you’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate metals into your home, this section is for you.

Give your home a golden look with bold gold accent pieces. Are you ready for the glitz and glamour that decorating with gold brings to your home? Decorating with gold can be fun, daring, and very classy. It’s a very easy and inexpensive trend to add into your home décor when you’re decorating on a budget. Is your home already filled with stainless steel?  If so, lighting is the perfect place to start when infusing your home with gold accents. Grabbing a few new gold lamps and pairing it with a more neutral shade will give your home the instant upgrade you’ve been dying for. If your gold décor dreams are bigger, try adding this bold coffee table or a few wall tiles to give your space some texture.  The goal for decorating with gold is not to overdo it! Trust yourself and strategically place your accents throughout your home to glam it up.

Warm up your space by adding bronzes and coppers. Winter is finally here, but the inside of your home doesn’t have to look cold. Let’s warm up the mood by adding bronze or copper to your living space. Copper and bronze will bring balance to any space when paired with neutrals or green tones. Remember when we talked about already having silver in your home? Well the warmth of copper with compliment the beauty of those cooler tones like silver and blue. Keep in mind you can have too much of one metal in your home - if this is your problem, be sure to disperse the accents throughout your home instead of clustering them in one area. If you’re the “go bold or go home” type of decorator add a large copper mirror over your sofa or a wall art piece that would for sure spark conversation when your guests arrive.


Unusual shaped home décor

Sometimes you just want to be “different.” Bring on the round rugs, natural bark, and oddly shaped accents!  2016 is the ready to add a curvy twist to your home décor. Instead of the same ole home décor it’s time to bring a coffee table with curvy legs or a circular chandelier into the mix.  Most homes are dominated by traditional décor, so it’s time to shake things up a bit. Add interest to your space by decorating with unusual shapes.

Give your home a fresh look with round tables and curvy aesthetics. It’s time to give your living room a stylish makeover by adding a round or interesting shaped accent tables to soften those harsh lines in your home. The Phillips Collection brand is one that has sleek and curvy silhouettes that is sure to give your living space some texture as well as the “WOW” factor you’ve been looking for. Did we leave you inspired? Try adding this really cool bicycle wheel spring side table or these seat belt chairs - you know the ones you’ve seen in “The Hunger Games?!”

Decorating with cowhides & round rugs. It’s time to talk rugs! Have you always wanted to incorporate cow hides or round rugs into your home, but you aren’t too sure how to pull it off? Let’s mix it up with a bold non-traditional style rug - trust us, it’s much easier than you may think. The first decision you must make is deciding how much floor space it should take up, where you want it centered, and which room. The shape works well to offset the linear nature of most rooms and works elegantly under a coffee table or dining table. Just like round rugs, cowhides are unusual for the traditional type, but they can be a classic element when decorating. They can be the focal point, the unexpected touch needed in a room full of neutrals, or the highlight for a darker wood floor or table. When looking for a rug to peek out from the end of your bed, think about going with a cowhide.


Statement Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, ceiling, bathroom?! A well-placed mirror or mirrors can do so much for a room, like make the room look bigger or just reflect your personality. 2016, the year of the mirror décor. They’re such a simple décor piece, but the most elegant and useful when placed correctly. Are you ready to decorate with statement mirrors?

Give your bathroom an upgrade by adding a statement mirror. Mirrors are much needed in your bathroom and have become more of a necessity rather than want. Whether it’s matching his and her mirrors or an untraditional floating mirror, don’t let style fall by the wayside when deciding on this important piece of décor. It’s usually cheap to replace a bathroom mirror and, more often than not, changing it out adds character or class in this very personal space. First thing to consider is the size and height of your sink - the top of the mirror should only be a few inches above the eye level of the tallest person in your home and should be no wider than the sink or vanity area it’s above.  Try this frameless vanity mirror or this unique styled mirror made of crude chunks of teak root when changing up your bathroom décor this year.

Photo Credit: Country Living

Decorating with different sized mirrors. This is another great way to add great décor in your home. Instead of going with traditional art on your walls, try mirrors as wall décor. Try a mirror set that has various sizes - this makes for a visually interesting wall centerpiece. You could even add a long rectangular mirror to your dining room table as a centerpiece, how cool would that be?! Another interesting way to add a mirror as a décor piece is to hang it to reflect a window - it gives the illusion of another window in the room as well as brightens up the space by reflecting in light from outside any time of the year. Add character and style to your home by decorating with mirrors in 2016!



Scandinavian Flat Weaves

Get ready, it’s all about the flat weaves in 2016. When thinking about recreating the Scandinavian style in your home think about all things clean and minimal. The style has a long history and is marked by simplicity because of the use of bright whites and natural wood tones. Are you interested in color the most? Well hues of the popular colors blue, bright red, green, and pink are common throughout the Scandinavian design. Let’s talk about adding this trend into your home.   

Let your rug do the talking, decorating your home with a Scandinavian flat weave. This type of rug can bring a minimalist look into your home because the design is typically signified by a bold pattern that has lots of white space. Try adding it to a room with natural wood colors or painted wood. When deciding whether to use a Schandinavnian style of rug, make sure you’re selecting style for a room that isn’t already overly designed or colored. Let your rug be the focal point when trying to mimic this style.

Rug & Home flat weaves. Flat weaves are typically made from wool, but occasionally can also be crafted from cotton or synthetic materials - and guess what?! They’re reversible, but are usually thin, so adding a rug pad or some sort of cushion under foot is a must! You can find flat weaves in tons of fun colors and patterns. They are also low pile, which means they won’t hang on to too much dust and, because of this, they’re great to give your child’s nursery and/or play room the pop of color it needs. We have a great selection of flat weaves here at Rug & Home, like this beautifully patterned aqua rug, this fun owl design, a solid pink Anzio with fringe detail, this chic camel solid, or statement making bold golden glow. You can take your favorite home by placing your order today! 


Are you ready to decorate? We have tons of new arrivals to fit all your décor needs. Kick off your 2016 with all the right décor to make for a cozy and stylish home. Remember to always use what you have and make tweaks by adding in accent pieces that are currently on trend, swap out room décor from other rooms in your home to help stay within budget, and you never go to deep into one trend - keep it simple. We hope this blog post inspires you to start decorating your room of choice today! Don’t forget to tag us if you share your home upgrades on social media.

Happy Decorating!

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