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Deck the Halls: Our Top 5 Hallway Ideas to Steal

December 08, 2015 2 min read

When decorating our homes we often pass right over the hallways, but a beautifully decorated hallway can do so much for your home. There are so many different options when it comes to decorating your hallways, you can transform them to almost anything when you have just enough space. All you need are a few accents, some great lighting, and a beautiful runner to tie it all together. We’re all in need of a little inspiration sometimes when we don’t know where to start with decorating a piece of our home. Are you ready? Here are a few hallways ideas to recreate for your home!



We can’t get enough of this first hallway. It’s the home of country superstar Ronnie Dunn. The antique American flag gives his home such a patriotic feel. It’s always great to add something to your home that has a story, they’re always great conversation starters. If you’re looking for a similar rug, we have several options to choose from.


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Adding texture is always a great idea! Naturals like jute, sea grass, or sisal, are a great way to add texture to your floor and give your space an earthy feel. Vertical paint stripes as well as adding in art will bring your hallway to life. You can also transform your hallway into a seating area with an accent, like a bench or ottoman.


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Are you a book lover? How about transforming your hallway into a library, cool right?! Fill both sides of your hallway with bookshelves and add all your favorite books to them. You can learn tons by reading books, but they also double as great décor accent pieces.  Top it all off by adding a runner of your choice!


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Think BIG! Are you really into mirrors? Shop for one, a BIG one and place it in your hallway, slide a table and ottoman in front and you’ve decorated a fully functioning chic space. If you’re thinking of what color to decorate with start with white, it adds a real clean look for any home!


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You never have enough space when it comes to hanging clothing and storing your everyday essentials. Decorate your hallway, but also make it a useful space. Make your hallway a storage for family outerwear by purchasing a decorative coat rack that you could even hang it from the wall. The clothing will add character to your space!


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As you’re decorating let your hallway reflect you home and personal style. We hope this post will be a source of great inspiration just in time for you to “deck the halls” this holiday season! Don’t forget, Rug & Home has tons of home accent pieces and rugs as you get started on this new project.

Happy Shopping!

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