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What You Should Know About Kaleen Rugs

December 01, 2014 1 min read

This Thanksgiving weekend, our customers enjoy a 20% discount on all Kaleen rugs, in addition to our already low prices. Being family-owned and vertically-integrated might seem like buzz terms used to add style and hype to a brand’s image, but Kaleen places special meaning behind those words. From sourcing the fiber to dyeing the yarn, to designing and weaving the rugs to selling the finished product, the family in charge of Kaleen Rugs is involved in every step, eliminating process inefficiencies to lower manufacturing costs. That kind of meticulous quality control results in a high-quality product Rug & Home is able to offer our customers at a great value.   Kaleen Rugs specializes exclusively in hand-tufted rugs, consistently pushing the boundaries of fashion with their modern designs. With simple, clean, fresh designs, it’s hard to deny Kaleen their position as the best in the hand-tufted world.   Every rug collection is personally curated by the Rug & Home buying team.

Here are some of our favorites:

Nomad NOMO6 Red

Matira MAT02-17 Blue

Casablanca CAS04 Ivory


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