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Remodeling Without the High Cost

June 19, 2012 3 min read

Just like caveman days, animal prints are always in style.

Since the days when men and women lived in caves, they’ve been finding new ways to make rooms comfortable, appealing, and most of all, personalized. Drawing on the walls and throwing skins on the floor and furniture to remodel a living space seem to be cemented in the human DNA.

Remodeling a room is like suddenly living in a different place, but when you get tired of the same old same old, you don’t have to invest in an entire remodeling job. Instead, consider a few simple additions that will completely change the look of your room, brighten up your space, and add excitement to your home. Here are three simple and relatively inexpensive suggestions:

  1. Painting the walls
  2. Adding a new throw to your sofa
  3. Putting a new rug on the floor

Painting can throw the whole room into a new spectrum, literally changing the space from Ho-Hum to Holy Cow! Adding throws and pillows to your furniture can create accents that complement the colors you already have. But perhaps the most effective way to improve the feel of a room is to put down a new rug.

You’ll be amazed at the effects a new rug can bring to a room. Area rugs are both practical and decorative. They can cover stained patches in your old carpet as well as the uneven spots in your wood floors. For example, place a 6x9-foot rug in the center of your living room to brighten up the dull look of old furniture or faded walls. Look for bright new colors in a poly-based machine-made piece of art for the floor or go for a completely new look with a colorful hand-knotted rug made of recycled sari silk.

In your bedroom, you may find a soft new shag rug makes your bare toes giggle with delight when you first rise in the morning. Dramatically change the look and feel of your dining room with a traditional rug that frames your table and chairs with a striking motif. A traditional rug is created with borders ideal for setting off a dining space, so it’s easy to impress your guests by adding candles or an elegant centerpiece. If your dining table is round, place it on a creative contemporary rug to give the room an artistic bent. The range of rug colors and patterns from which you can choose has exploded in recent years to fit any taste and style.

A new rug is a small investment that can achieve your makeover goals for a fraction of remodeling costs. You can purchase an exquisite hand-knotted rug from India for $2,000, while a complete makeover of your living room or bedroom could cost as much as $50,000. A fun 5x8-foot rug for your office or child’s room can run as little as $300. You can spend upwards of $80,000 for an upscale kitchen remodeling, according to HGTV, or you can spend less than $1,000 and give your dining area an entirely new look and fresh dynamic.

At least you don’t have to go out and skin your own décor anymore. When you’re ready, take photos of your current rooms, come in to your favorite rug store, and have fun sorting through the myriad choices available.

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